Global Day of Prayer Newark

In recent years the Global Day of Prayer has seen millions of Christians unite in a day of repentance and united prayer. Newark has celebrated since 2007, so this is our 17th year. It is structured as TEN days leading to ONE, followed by NINETY.

10 days of constant prayer May 8 – May 18, join morning and afternoon calls. Newark celebrates its unity on Saturday, May 18th, while most of the world is full on Pentecost Sunday, 90 days of blessing from May 20 to August 17.


Carry Your Flag

We have 3’x5’ flags on 6’ poles from about 100 countries. Sign up on our Contact Us page to carry the flag if you have a heritage or heart tied to another nation. We also need people to pray and teach people how to pray for their countries.

Pray With Us

Prayer is the arm that moves the hand of God.

50 Days of Prayer & Fasting For Pentecost 2024 – April 1st – May 18th

We invite you to participate in a fast that will begin on Resurrection Sunday (March 31) and continue for 50 days until Pentecost Sunday (May 19th). In order to prepare for the final three-day fast, which ends after Pentecost, we are starting five ten-day periods of varying levels of gradual and progressive abstinence.

Schedule of Fasting (Sunday, April 10th – Thursday, May 26th)

  • Sunday, March 31 – Tuesday, April 9
    No sugar-added beverages or drinks
  • Wednesday, April 10 – Friday, April 19th
    No cookies, candies, or desserts
  • Saturday, April 20 – Monday, April 29th
    No shellfish or red meats
  • Tuesday, April 30th sundown 8:09 PM – Thursday, May 9th sundown 8:17 PM
    No solid foods after sundown, except fruits and/or nuts

Last 10 Days Fast to Pentecost Sunday – Directions for Fast

  • First 7 days | Friday, May 10th, 8:17 PM – Thursday, May 16th 8:23 PM
    First seven days of the ten-day period: No solid foods after sundown
  • Last 3 days | Friday, May 17 through Pentecost May 19th sundown 8:25 PM
    Full three-day fast with no food (prescriptions, medicine & medicinal-related nutrient intake only)

Thursday, May 9th to Pentecost Sunday, May 19th - 10 Days of Prayer

All 10 days: You are encouraged to take part in a group prayer each day at 6 AM for the empowerment of everyone associated with this fast so that we may be empowered for the work that lies ahead. Call (857) 216-6700 and enter access code 545301 to join the telephone prayer conference.

Join Us on May 18th, 2024 at Weequahic Park

Pray for our world with the rest of the world. Bring your friends, family, and flags to the celebration of Jesus Christ's atoning death, and prepare well by fasting and praying before an event. Everyone is welcome.

Have questions? Connect with us today.


PrayForNewark. Bringing the Good News of Jesus to Every Neighborhood

The PrayForNewark prayer movement is a coalition of Dominion Fellowship Ministries, Resident Ministers Alliance (ReMA), The Caring Network Volunteer Services, and transformational ministries throughout the Newark area. The goal is to apply prayer and prayer evangelism by blessing, connecting and engaging with the people, meeting felt needs, and bringing the presence and power of the good news of the gospel of Jesus to everyone who lives, works/studies, or worships in Newark.

The PrayForNewark’s team’s first step was to “get the city prayed for” and identify the “felt need”. We identified abandonment and fatherlessness as spiritual roots causes of much of the need and came in the “opposite spirit” to address these needs. We sensed the “As you adopt the city and people adopt streets, and schools, businesses and apartment buildings, the spirit of abandonment, the orphan spirit will be replaced by the spirit of adoption and the spirit of bondage/slavery will be replaced by the spirit of sonship.

The city was dealing with issues relating to public safety and crime when PrayForNewark first started in 2007. We have witnessed the crime rate decline significantly, and the spiritual atmosphere has become more positive.

The message of PrayForNewark has spread throughout the United States and beyond. In fact, leaders from more than 1200 cities in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia have contacted us asking how they might start Adopt-a-Street projects in their own communities.

Envision Newark 360

Ever since the city's founding in 1666, people have prayed for Newark. In fact, Newark's Puritan founders committed to making it as close to a kingdom of God on earth as possible.  In 2026 we will celebrate 360 years a full circle and desire to see the founders dream realized.

Accordingly, Christians have traditionally prayed for the manifestation of righteousness, peace, and joy in the lives of Newark's residents, as the Apostle Paul outlined in Romans 14:17. We are confident that when God's people pray for these things, He will grant all Newark residents hope, health, and provision.

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Revival/Highways of Holiness

The prophet Isaiah instructs us to “Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway!” (Isa 62:10) A Highway of Holiness is a path of salvation that takes believers to Zion- where they will be in the presence of God. By adding generational and geographical dimensions to Prayer Evangelism, Highways of Holiness can:

  • Link together Kingdom-minded people who live in different communities
  • Facilitate the flow of people and materials that are needed to rebuild decayed cities
  • Infuse hope into situations that appear hopeless from a human perspective
  • Enable the people of God to take back land that has bee stolen by the enemy
  • Change the spiritual climate by inviting the Kingdom of God into the present situation
  • Help prepare the way for Jesus’ return to earth

For a copy of the authors NJ Wells of Revival summary.